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2014-2015 Senior Examples

I am just finishing up with the bulk of my seniors from the summer session.  It seems that high school seniors come in  three waves; either early summer, late summer,  or fall.

So here I am, middle of September getting ready for the next wave of  clients.  Below are a few examples of what I've taken over the last 4-5 weeks.  I truly feel these images stand above what's out there and I go out of my way during the shoot to make sure of it.  At the end of the day I find good light.  Period. When it's not available I make my own (great light, that is).

If you are undecided on who you will turn to for your fall images, take a look at what I've done last month.  Between the soft light and great colors that accompany fall, I'm confident I can do wonders with your images too.

One of my clients last week told me that they can tell if I took the image or not just by looking at it.   "They just look different".     As a photographer you always want to establish an identity with consistency through your workflow.  After many solid years of trial and lots of error, I am now able to replicate what I want whenever I need it.  It's great to have a look that people can identify with.  It's even better to have gotten to the point where people trust me with their images. 



As I was going through some of the images I was stumbled upon some in the archives......For good measure here's a few from last year too...

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