2014-2015 Seniors - KevinDeibert

2014-2015 Seniors

This year I took a different approach to advertising my senior class.  I asked Melissa Harvey to come to my house and take care of the make-up and hair for a few girls.  The idea was to do a few shots for them and let them do the advertising for me.  The approach is nothing new and I've seen it done a bunch times.  I originally had 6 girls lined up but orchestrating the logistics became an arduous project.  Rather than overcomplicate the process I kept it simple with just three girls.  A few head shots for Melissa, a group shot or two for me and an individual pic (which will most likely turn into an profile image) for the girls.

The head shots were taken using a new background approach that I've been messing around with.  I've dropped the seemless sweep and studio light set-up and went with something much simpler.  Easy to to change color, easy to get texture and surprisingly I'm using all natural light.  I'm able to control the shadows and light just by moving the subject left or right.  Brilliant.    

A quick stop at a clean white brick wall to get the colors to stand out for a group shot and of course the opportunity for social media....

This is where things got interesting.  I was hoping to catch a sunset behind the girls and get some nice rim light.  But rather a storm was approaching with high winds so I pulled out 2 umbrellas (two that I was willing to lose in the storm) and had the girls quickly set up and hope for the best.   I originally wanted to get a few individual shots but the wind wouldn't let up.  I did however manage to get this

Just as I was about to call it a night because of the weather I figured I'd give this one more shot.  This is important because as a photographer you need to be able to make light if it is not available.  I took the girls to the opposite side of this field so they were facing into the wind.   I also wanted to be shooting into an open space and not shooting into distracting trees.  I probably don't need a lighting diagram for this one as the set up is self explanatory.  The results were great.  The lens magnified the rain that was coming in from the storm, I got the rim light that I wanted AND I got some shots that you seldom see from other photographers.

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