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Tunkhannock Seniors...Need Prom Pictures?

Expenses: $300 dollars on your prom dress, $40 on your hair and $20 dollars for the corsage. Your date just dropped $200 on his tuxedo. As a couple, your prom night expenses could have fed a small family for a month. However, the only thing you have to show for your investment are a few pictures that your friends took with their I-phones.

I’m looking for five to six couples who want to make sure they walk away with lasting images that they are proud to share with their family and friends from their Senior Prom.

I am charging $100 per couple and will guarantee that you walk away with 3-4 quality, high resolution images. And unlike the tuxedo that you have to return the next morning, you will have these pictures for the rest of your life.

What will you get for your investment?

1. You will receive (per couple) four 8x10’s and four 5x7’s from the shoot. You will choose the files and sizes that you would like to purchase from your personal gallery.

2. Digital sharing rights for social media use ONLY. I will provide you with a digital file that you may share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.., but not a file that will allow you to make large prints.

3. Additional options such as canvases, metal prints, and even a personal mobile app (that includes your images) will be available for purchase if you desire.

4. If you and your closest friends decide to take all 5 slots, I will happily capture a group image and include it in your set. This idea will probably be the most fun.

Because of the limited amount of time you have available before your prom, I will only be able to take 5 or 6 reservations. The session will last about 15 minutes each and will take place on your way to the Scranton Radisson. Location still to be determined.

This is a first come first serve booking.

Clients may contact me directly


phone: 570.690.7988

facebook messenger : Kevin Deibert

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