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Crayloa Factory

For Max's 3rd birthday we took him down to the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA.  Next time we decide to do something like that, I'm going to bring a tele-photo lens to document the parents from afar rather than the children with a wide angle.  The boredom on their faces would get more street cred on social media outlets than the actual kids having a good time. 

First up, make your own crayon and customize the name.  Lighting conditions, pretty bad.  ISO 6400 and above. Ambient only.  Shots taken with the Canon 24 1.4 L

Next up, a live show for the kids that walks the audience through the molding process of the actual crayon.  You can tell by the picture that Max had about as much enthusiasm for the production as the parents.  Lighting conditions, getting worse.  ISO 6400 and above.  Ambient only.  Canon 24 1.4 L and Canon 50 1.2 L

On to the third floor where the kids get to make.....wait for it...........

Same lenses, same lighting conditions.  Although I do think there was some window light coming in from the one side which made it pretty good.

You can probably guess from the shadows which side the window was on.  @50mm pretty close to wide open.

The 24 L is quickly becoming one of my favorite lenses.  I love the way it renders a scene,  Great focal length.  

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