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Grovedale Winery

This week I was going through some photos on my computer that I'll admit I forgot even taking.  This is not a good business model and not what the post is about. 

Rather than keep the images private, I thought it would be a good idea to throw some up on the web to share with the public.  Most of these are from the fall harvest at the Grovedale Winery.  I got there a little after sunrise to take advantage of the golden hour of photography.  I can't stress this enough to clients...If at all possible, make arrangements with your photographer either an hour before or an hour after sunset/sunrise to take advantage of some incredible light.  In the end we (photographers) are all just a bunch of bohemians with overpriced equipment chasing light. 

I'll admit I'm no expert with macro photography.  This was taken with the Canon MP-E 65mm lens.  It's a manual focus macro that requires you to get literally millimeters from your subject.  It was in my bag so I gave it a go.  I think this would have been better served with the 100mm Macro.

And a few more that I had from last year......again, at Grovedale.

The image above is a little different and was taken last year.    This is a combination of about 20 images where I let the shutter drag for around 30 seconds each while my friend ran through the vineyard with a flashlight.  Each row in the vineyard is an individual image (lit by itself) and then merged in post.  The barn was also lit with either my flashlight or cycling headlamp (I can't remember) and covered with a CTO gel to warm the temperature of the light up a bit.   The image(s) below show what one shot looks like SOOC before I pulled it onto the computer. 

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