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Photo Walk With Max

So I've been toying around with the idea of taking my oldest son for a photo walk through Tunkhannock and giving him a camera to document the experience. There were no rules.  Shoot what you want when you want to.  If you are shooting people, ask for permission (I guess that was a rule).   I was curious to see what he would choose to shoot, dismiss, or completely reject.  In addition to capturing him capture the downtown, it would also be sort of a self assignment for me.   Turns out I'm the one who needed practice.  I forgot to change the camera settings to RAW and shot JPEG's the entire morning.  So what you see are pretty much the images straight out of the camera (no editing).  

It was a pretty cool experience and I'd recommend anyone who has some free time to give their kid a camera and witness the thought process of a toddler.  Particularly one whose as analytical as Max.  

First up, the flowers in front of Twigs.

The flowers may not have been his thing but  eventually he found is calling.  Motorcycles.  Not exactly a shy kid, he walked up to 2 strangers in leathers and helmets and asked to take their picture.  I had to drag him away from this scene.

Next up was the waterfall in front of the Dietrich Theatre.  One of his favorite landmarks.

Onto the Beagle,.....or Blog.  Max's favorite place for breakfast.  We sat down ordered some drinks and he immediately began showing the customers (complete strangers) his work.  He also managed to get a few more shots for his portfolio.  

Capitalizing on his newly acquired contacts from breakfast, we stepped outside and he arranged an impromptu family session with, you guessed it.....complete strangers.

The irony in all of this is that not only did Max manage to get a group shot, but I managed to land 2 jobs just from walking around town with him.  Always keep your business cards in your bag.

And finally, a slide-show of some of his work.

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